March 17

Media: Justified, episodes six and seven of this season. Braves vs. Nationals.

Music: Galactic – Ya-Ka-May.

Comedy: A little more Mike Birbiglia. He’s actually quite good.

Food/Drink: Chinese food at Xian. Mongolian Beef with the distinct taste of charring from a gas grill. Philly steak w/ pizza sauce. Lots of water. A little rum.

Family: Big day for Mom as she was getting a PET Scan. Catherine and Rocco took Mom to the doctor while I worked and then picked Sofia up. The tests ran forever, so Sofia and I hung out a good long while. In the evening we all were able to spend a little time together.

Friends: Saw the folks at the office a while. Had lunch with Justin Waddell. We discussed Cedar Rapids. Went to the hospital to see the Murphy clan and their little girl. Adorable little item. Not Steve, he’s a repulsive. Was fun hearing what a damn softie he is, what with his story about becoming a total mush at the Waffle House when he smelled his new daughter on his hands. Adorable. Will Mason and Justin were at the hospital when we got there. I think they were getting each other an HIV test. Like the old days. Hint Hint.

Work: I was on it pretty solid, though the only real tangible fruits of the labor were the daily columns, an App Review for GUY and my review of Limitless.

Art: Zero arts.

Goodies: I procured Sharktopus off iTunes.

Screenwriting: Nothing.

Projects: Got good news from ICM about the pilot.

Minutia: Even when the visit is for something good and uplifting, I cannot handle hospitals. Maybe it’s because my father died unnecessarily in one?

Activity: I was pretty banged up and sore, so I kept it to a minimum. I even opted out of playing for my Thursday night team, but that’s more because I get frustrated seeing people play and bat out of position.

Ailments: I wish there was a way to keep the bones in my foot to keep from getting all crunchy after a ballgame.

Shrink’s Chair: I dread the response from family members from up North (Mom’s Side) and South (Dad’s Side) as they come try to be helpful now that Mom is unwell. I think that overcompensating is more stressful than avoidance in situations like this. That said, I’d love to be proven wrong.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Anyone who railed on Gilbert Gottfried for his Japan tweets. Have you ever heard the guy’s act? I mean, they weren’t very good jokes but channel that rage and bullshit somewhere that matters.

True Trivia: I once spent a few hours trying to come up with a board game that combined backgammon and James Gammon.

Link of the Day: The Lucky Nightsticks on AMAZON! Our entire CD selection! All for you! All for cheap! I’m a dick!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: If all goes well, a round of afternoon golf.

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