csaI’m going to be talking to Joss Whedon in just a few days, finally fulfilling one of my longest held journalistic aspirations. The thing is, I have no idea what the hell I’m going to ask him. The guy has been so interviewed in the last few months that there’s almost nothing left to talk about.

The latest interview was with Moviehole, who pretty much asked everything I would have. The big news they got was some Joss confirmation on the future of the Buffyverse.

“I haven’t left the Buffyverse behind,” he says. He was asked about the recent rumors of a Spike TV movie. “I can only teasingly hint unfortunately until it’s got backing and we’ve got a schedule and a contract. I have been talking to some of the actors, writers, and some executives and are trying to put something together – – but it’s not happening fast.”

There’s more – including unexpected characters mentioned for a Serenity sequel, should one happen – at Moviehole.

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