STUDIO: Buena Vista Home Video
MSRP: $29.99
RUNNING TIME: 75 Minutes
Audio commentary with director Joel Soisson and crew members

The Pitch

“Let’s film one crappy sequel to The Prophecy without Walken, and then split it into two parts to maximize profits!”

The Humans

Kari Wuhrer sans breasts, Jason Scott Lee, Tony Todd and Jason London

The Nutshell

Allison was entrusted with the Lexicon during the events of The Prophecy – Uprising. The Lexicon is a religious tome that writes itself. Soon it will write the name of the antichrist that will bring about the events foretold in Book of Revelations and a series of awful movies starring Kirk Cameron. One of the Seraphim, an order of angels from Heaven, wants to gain possession of this book so that he can kill the antichrist and prevent the apocalypse. However, his motives for doing so aren’t as noble as they would appear. The angel isn’t allowed to directly kill Allison so he hires an assassin to do his dirty work for him. Allison has to elude an army of evil angels and the assassin to keep the Lexicon safe. She is aided in her quest by Satan, who occasionally stops by to give her advice.

Blah, this new Kari Wuhrer flavor is no where near as good as the original.

The Package

The film is presented in 1.85:1 widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The transfer is very washed out and makes the film look like it was shot a decade ago. The video quality during the dark scenes is almost worse than a VHS transfer. The only substantial extra is a commentary track featuring the director and assorted crew members. Joel Soisson has been involved in all of the films in this franchise in different capacities, so he obviously knows a lot of things about them. The disc also includes previews for films like the latest Hellraiser sequels so they’re obviously marketing to fans of direct-to-video garbage.

The Lowdown

Does Dimension Films have Kari Wuher locked into an ironclad contract or do they just have blackmail material? In the span of two years she’s starred in Hellraiser: Deader and two of these Prophecy films. The last two Prophecy films have a lot in common with the recent Hellraisers in that they were filmed back-to-back on the budget of one feature. The Hellraiser sequels were different stories, but Uprising and Forsaken are directly connected. Absolutely no set-up is given at the beginning of Forsaken to clue you into the events of Uprising. The film just abruptly begins with Satan killing someone and people gunning after Allison for the book.

Favorite pick-up lines of the angels #1

As the movie progresses it begins to appear as if Forsaken isn’t a sequel but the stuff that was cut from Uprising to get two features from one. Most of the film is nothing but filler and it still barely manages to stretch itself out to 75 minutes. The film’s ending is the textbook definition of an anti-climax. Given that this film has absolutely no exposition and I still felt cheated, I can only imagine how fans of the series feel about it. Forsaken doesn’t contain too much cheesy philosophizing or half baked religious theories, but it doesn’t contain much of anything really. It’s a hollow 75 minute chase scene that could have just as easily been condensed into a 10 minute conclusion for The Prophecy – Uprising.

2.5 out of 10