March 16

Media: Nope.

Music: Tower of Power – Greatest Hits.

Comedy: A little bit of Mike Birbiglia. Good stuff.

Food/Drink: Chicken sandwich. Club sandwich. Guinness. No coffee, should have. A friggin’ Monster Energy, because why not ruin your mouth?

Family: Called our Florida relatives to tell them about Mom’s condition. Spent a large chunk of the day with Rocco, who was sick and inconsolable. Very tough day. He went from crying nonstop to being very lethargic. I got Sofia and brought her home, and it was rough seas until I was able to escape around 5pm. Rough day. Luckily Mom was there, but she needs to rest too.

Friends: The softball gentlemen! We went to the bar that sponsors us in Crabapple but their kitchen was closed, so we hung out (Brinson, Hampton, Deckon, Pringle, Me) and had drinks and a late dinner at the Olde Blind Dog. I got pinned by them for voting for Obama, though I acquitted myself well. We then spoke of the typical stupid shit. I invented an oral suppository, a horseshoe-shaped pill you stick in your mouth and ass at the same time. I think I’m onto something…

Work: As much as possible. The kid was seriously not well.

Art: Zero arts.

Goodies: Nothing.

Screenwriting: Nothing.

Projects: Curveball in the midnight movie thing. For my own sanity I feel I might have to punt that.

Minutia: Facebook is a real dick when they change the codes sites like ours use to link and promote articles through their service without us knowing. Way I see it, they need to not fuck with code they provide for us that ultimately serves them. Also, I don’t think readers understand just how much we need them to “like” our articles and repost them. It’s essential.

Activity: Double header. I bat in the two hole and played 2nd. I went 3-4 in the first game with two dinky singles and a lovely opposite field triple. No RBI, surprisingly. The second game I was 5-5 with two triples, two doubles, and a single. I also hit a ball about 350 feet, but it went foul to left. I seriously haven’t hit a ball that hard in years. It got out so fast. I was later told it hit a car, but that’s not my problem. Defensively I didn’t have much to do, though I got fooled by a liner hit almost straight at me. I went right, it went left. Bad.

Ailments: I need a few weeks of none of the wailing of my little man, it saps me horribly.

Shrink’s Chair: I’m seriously considering finding some part time work, both for sanity and because I want to be able to actually have the ability to save some coins for the inevitable apocalyptic future we all deserve as a species.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The little Indian woman (sorry to target a specific race) who just cut me off on the road without looking, forcing me to literally jerk my car into the grass median. It was about 300 feet from a bridge that this happened. If it was ON the bridge, AT BEST I’d have a totaled car. At best. More likely, they’d be peeling my forehead out of the pavement below.

True Trivia: I once had a nice moment outside a hotel with Bruce Springsteen. I wasn’t “press” and he wasn’t “The Boss”. A nice chat, and it warmed me considerably to his whole vibe, one I had often felt was a little overblown. He seems to be a regular guy. I’m sure he told his friends that night that ‘the guy from CHUD is remarkably down to Earth, I had him pegged as an ego-centric Machiavelli but he’s a sweet man just like me!’.

Link of the Day: Jagged Alliance returns! I wrote a treatment for a feature film for this old PC game series (press release from 2007) and it’s a great series. This new firm designing it I have no idea of (they’re German!), but I hope it retains the zest of the originals. In other news, I reread my treatment and it’s great.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Mom’s first big medical test. Softball. Aches and Pains.

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