It’s begun.

Apparently sporting the same wardrobe from X2, chiseled man-specimen Hugh Jackman is seen here as Canadian berserker Wolverine, presumably chopping wood with his adamantium claws or just killing gaffers for the fun of it.

It’s funny, I have to agree with Quint’s take over at AICN about these pics. As much as I wouldn’t mind seeing Ratner fuck up so as to not be handed a property like this again, seeing Jackman here does make me a bit more hopeful. Not that it’s a great pic or anything like that, but it’s just seeing him doing his thing and having the production now in full swing that does it for me. I mean, who really wants to witness a film outright fail without even seeing any of its progress? All the crap about Ratner, the supposedly bad script, and the perplexingly large number of mutant characters aside, I think the more we start to actually see of this production, the less we’ll be inclined to speculate about its potential awfulness. Bear in mind, that potential is most certainly still there. I’m just trying to be optimistic.

Blogger website just jared dot com scored the set pics. To check ‘em out, click here.

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