A face only a mother could love.I’m not that familiar with the works of Alfonso Cuarón, but of what I’ve seen, I would go so far as to say that the man’s a real visonary. The third Potter installment, Prisoner of Azkaban, proved this to me and many others. It’s the only Potter film I can really get behind (sorry, Dev) thanks to a fantastic visual scope and just flat-out solid direction. Plus, I was totally rocked by his 2001 effort, Y Tu Mamá También. Great film. Great sex. Great message. And then you have Gary Oldman, an actor who has consistently wowed me, either with his electric overacting ("EVVVEERRRYYYOOONNNE!") or his often incognito portrayals of bastards (Drexl Spivey), heroes (James Gordon), and everything in between. A favorite of mine, for sure.

Well, the two of them are teaming up… again.

MTV sat down and interviewed limey Charlie Hunnam (who apparently is getting lots of good buzz for the upcoming Green Street Hooligans) who dropped the 411 on Oldman joing the cast of Cuarón’s upcoming sci-fi adventure, The Children of Men. Here’s the bit: "I’m just about to go to England to join a couple of my fellow Englishmen and a couple heroes of mine: Gary Oldman and Clive Owen. [We’re] going to be doing a film for [Y Tu Mamá También] director Alfonso Cuarón called The Children of Men." To read the rest, click here.

As mentioned, Clive Owen is also on-board as well as Julianne Moore. The story itself is an interesting one. Basically, sometime in the near future, the human race loses the ability to reproduce. England descends into chaos and soon martial law is imposed. However, everything gets turned on its head when a woman discover’s she’s pregnant with what would be the first child in 27 years. This in turn sparks a revolution of sorts and… well, I’m sure you can figure out the rest. In any event, with Cuarón at the helm (he’s also writing along with David "Spy Game" Arata and Timothy "Live From Baghdad" Sexton), it’ll be something to watch for.

Release is scheduled for September 29, 2006.

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