Louie, Louis CK’s eponymous FX show, premiered last year to some rave reviews.  Including some unabashed love from our own Nick Nunziata (there’s also a great little interview in there as well).

If you’ve seen it you already understand the love, but if you haven’t – it really is pretty fucking great.  It’s a nice blend of observation and self-deprecation and even though it centers on Louis’ “real life” he never turns it in on himself and makes it navel-gazey.  It’s amazingly universal and equally fearless.  The first season was up on Netflix Instant for awhile – where I caught a lot of it – but it’s gone now, unfortunately and there doesn’t seem to be a release date for the discs.

So, that means you need to make sure you catch Season 2 this summer.  It doesn’t premiere until June, but the fine folks at FX have sent us over a handful of teaser spots to get both the established fans and the newcomers excited.  Dig ‘em!