My uncle, Johnny B. Movie-Goer, had an interesting thought the other day. Actually he had the same thought quite a few times and told it to me each time he had it, but it’s fairly insightful so why not run with it? The most recent rendition of this little conversation occurred after he saw Iron Man. His favorite part of the whole things was watching the computerized machines/mechanical computers put the suit on my main man RDJr. That led to one thing and then soon enough he was saying, “you know, my favorite part about Spider-Man was when he was first toying with his powers. Wouldn’t it be cool if they made a whole movie about that?”

Well, no.

But I do think that would be cool for a larger chunk of the movie. Who didn’t think it was cool when Tobey Maguire was first trying to shoot his web, or first looking at his (oh so succulent) muscular physique, or flying into walls while webslinging around the city? Sure as shit you couldn’t make a whole Spider-Man movie about that, unless maybe with some crazy prequel (Dumb and Dumberer style), but why not pull a Hancock and make a new superhero (Hancock is new right? I’ve never heard of him from before…)? Some teen who gets bitten by a radioactive panda spends most of the movie just toying with his new powers, not being exceptionally good at them, and then the end comes where he barely kicks the evil Sloth-Dude’s ass while munching on a leaf. Fuck yeah!

Even a flippin’ TV series would do the trick. Heroes does not touch on the whole “Holy balls, I now have super powers, how cool!” idea nearly enough, though the show still kicks ass. Remember Static Shock? He’d be a legit character to make this type of movie about.

But I dunno. This could just be me. And my uncle. And hopefully a couple others. A movie that touches on that aspect of suddenly being a superhero could produce amazingness. I might even see it twice.

Like a fox with double vision.