While the second-rate Batman foe will likely remain safely locked in Arkham until that rebooted franchise starts to run low on villains, a different killer croc is heading to theaters.

Australian director Greg McLean’s road-terror tale Wolf Creek obviously impressed the Weinsteins enough for them not only to distribute that flick (it hits US screens in November), but to also hand out 10 million bananas from the coffers of their new company to fund his next. 

McLean will remain Down Under and add a reptilian predator to the mix for Rogue, a flick about a giant hungry crocodile hunting the meat of man in the Aussie Outback and not a solo flick for the streak-haired mutant sponge-girl.  Been too long since we’ve seen a rampaging lizard munching on folks, and the plan for Rogue is to gather an international cast of tasty (but relatively inexpensive) humans.

Paul Hogan and that guy from Animal Planet were not available for comment.

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