March 15

Media: Limitless.

Music: Monster Magnet – Dopes to Infinity.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink: Thai noodles. Chick Fil-A’s Christianity Sandwich. Theater hot dog. A little whisky. Not enough whisky.

Family: Too much family. I’ll just say that. Too much. Having Rocco home sick and inconsolable doesn’t help, but I have a nonexistent fuse these days. It was Mom’s birthday (happy OLD!), but things are crazy with the new medical issues, the very sick little man, and Sofia seemingly in possession of all of the unspent energy on Earth. I long for quiet and a chance to clear my head and write. The site(s) need me.

Friends: Nope. I tried, but nope. Saw some of Mom’s friends for her birthday festivities. Then went to Jeffrey’s to procure Mom from the afterparty. Got to see the charming and adorable Kristen Sugg, which was a bonus.

Work: As much as possible considering the tumult. Had to go downtown for a one on one with the delightful Duncan Jones. Then a conference call with Walton Goggins (what an amazing man to listen to, which is all I got to do because they rescheduled the call to the exact time I met with Duncan and by the time I got in I had to listen to bloggers ask questions), and then shortly after there was a screening. There isn’t enough time in the day.

Art: I drew a robot riding a killer whale on Sofia’s kid’s menu!

Goodies: I got the new issues of Top Gear, Baseball America, and International Artist. Also got The Fighter on Blu, but the best thing by far was a delectable little gift from Duncan Jones himself. Fans of Moon, prepare to swoon…


Screenwriting: Took notes for People Smasher. Despite management types telling me not to focus on it… fuck it.

Projects: I will be in April in mid April for sure. I also got word of a secret set visit I’ve been working on for some time. Something special.

Minutia: The lady bartender at my local watering hole (whose age I was a full decade off in my guessing) took me aside and had some really nice words to share. Was good. I tend to feel sort of unappreciated in that I’m respectful, courteous, and not condescending and neanderthal in how I approach lady bartenders and it’s good to know it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Activity: Some. But that damn theater food had to negate it?

Ailments: My tolerance muscle is pulled and I think my patience vertebrae is compacted. I dunno, but my sympathy cord might be atrophied as well.

Shrink’s Chair: I’ve been watching someone my age go through the most embarrassing, fake, and overtly “cry for help” period and I wanted to help. Wanted to call them on it. But I think life’s too short and sometimes you just have to let them find out the hard way.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Drunks.

True Trivia: I have a loaded gun secreted away for moment where one might need one. And I plan to use it without hesitation. Hint: Don’t break into my house. You will meet Charon.

Link of the Day: Japanese girl discovers her parents alive due to YouTube. A nice change of pace for the site, which gets more hits for its ‘people wrecking bikes’, ‘bullies being slammed’, and other minutia than stories that heal.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Steve Murphy and Keri Murphy welcome their first child into existence (well, the doctors are inducing her so I expect it). Softball double header. A late night of writing. Braves/Sox on TV.

The Day’s Rating:


Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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