Rumors and plans for a Daredevil reboot have been swirling for years now.    We knew we’d get one eventually — Fox has to keep the rights to the character — so it was just a matter of the studio finally pulling the trigger.

It looks like today is that day. According to Variety, David Slade is in talks to direct a new Daredevil for Fox.

In an interesting twist of phrase, Fox says it won’t be a “reboot” but a “continuation” of the Mark Steven Johnson film that takes the character “in a new direction.”  But we all know Affleck isn’t returning as Matt Murdock, and that they’re likely to bring back elements that were slayed in the original film.  It is going to be a remake in every sense of the word.

However, words like “remake” and “reboot”  are becoming poisonous buzzwords to the public, so I’m not surprised studios have begun to distance themselves from them.   They should use the language of the comic book industry — it’s a new Daredevil run!

There’s no release date set, and no further information. Last we knew, David Scarpa was penning the script, although that could change with Slade’s involvement.

Slade is a better fit for Daredevil than Wolverine. (Consolation prize?)  I’m tentatively interested, and will hold off premature hopes for a real portrayal of Elektra.

*Yes, I changed the headline. I’m going on four hours of sleep and apparently that causes me to translate even well-known superhero nicknames into the most pedantic English imaginable.