March 14

Media: The Lincoln Lawyer & Source Code Q&A screening.

Music: Ween – White Pepper.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink: Tried the pasta at Abruzzi. Won’t again. Burger with garlic rub @ Dantannas. Tried a root beer booze called Blackmaker. Tastes like root beer booze. Had some Red Zinfandel, shared with gents. Had 1/3 a cigar. Maybe I’m getting bored?

Family: Briefly saw Mom at the office. She whisked away when the day care called telling us Rocco was sick. Poor guy got sicker, so much so that Catherine called me at the theater asking me to come watch Sofia while she took him to the urgent care place. As I was an hour away and without a car, I was useless.

Friends: Went to the movies with Pat and Dave. We grabbed a cocktail before the film(s) and then a bite and smoke after. Was great to see Brandon Allen and the Mrs. I also used my divine influence to help Gray see a movie.

Work: Hit it fast and hard on the Red Riding Hood review. Then, massive amounts of conference calls on film distribution, midnight movie programming, and (fingers crossed) a few low budget horror flicks. I did the pre-show spiel for the CHUD sponsored screening of The Lincoln Lawyer. Then I introduced Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones to the Atlanta crows. After the film I moderated a Q&A with him. He’s a really nice guy and I was able to chat him and his girlfriend up before the Q&A and it’s obvious how genuine and fresh he is. And his new movie is really good too.

Art: No.

Goodies: No.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: A few things simmering. None involving giant sharks. Those days are long gone.

Minutia: I love meeting readers at these screenings. I met a guy who has been reading CHUD almost since day one. So heartening.

Activity: Is stressing out an activity?

Ailments: Just people. Nothing physical. Just people.

Shrink’s Chair: A friend is going through a painful legal issue relating to their divorce. I have no idea why folks would be contentious when there’s a little kid who will only be hurt by it. You failed at marriage, life goes on. Be humane about it. The whole marriage/divorce thing is so overblown. Life goes the fuck on.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Me, for expecting even a modicum of reciprocity for some of the shit I do for people.

True Trivia: After 37 years I finally drew the line this year with extended family. If you have crazy religious beliefs that dictate everything you do or say, I got no time for you.

Link of the Day: Playmobil. I love them so much.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: More stuff than I can fit into a schedule. Plus a sick kid, a mother having important tests (on her birthday). Shoot me.

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