March 13

Media: Atlanta Braves Spring Training.

Music: The Melvins – Stoner Witch.

Comedy: Gilbert Gottfried – Dirty Jokes. So odd that the next day the guy would become an internet antihero.

Food/Drink: Planet Smoothie Strawberry 2-Piece Bikini + Workout Blast. Grilled chicken sandwich & rice. Newcastle. Amaretto.

Family: Was nice to see Mom for a while. We played games at Jeffrey’s for a stretch and then darts at the abode.

Friends: Josh came by the office to photograph his iPad 2 for his excellent review, then Andrea came by. She also joined for darts.

Work: Worked on the text for my review of the Tron iPod dock (note: I shot half of it despite Renn’s lies).

Art: No.

Goodies: No, but a nice someone sent me a little gift certificate. I tell you what, I needed it. Times are tight right now and it was very kind.

Screenwriting: I cleared a hurdle to get me closer to where I need to be.

Projects: A lot of progress on the Midnight Movie thing in LA. I am closer to knowing dates and when I’ll personally be there hosting.

Minutia: Aside from the fact the building doesn’t run A/C on weekends, Sundays and the ghost town vibe as so conducive towards me being able to work. Until people show up.

Activity: Worked arms. Though the shoulder impingement should be healed, I still have 1/10th of the cannon of a throwing arm I used to. I’d love to at least get it back to 50%.

Ailments: Massive headache. Some of it humanmade, and some of it just bad timing.

Shrink’s Chair: I would drop everything to spend a few years at sea learning about beasts.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The lazy girl at the smoothie place who says that the wheatgrass machine is broken every time I go there. Funnily enough, the owner tells me the exact opposite. It’s just labor intensive and you’re lazy. I hope you fall down and break your fat.

True Trivia: The first interview I did for CHUD was Gary Coleman. He’s dead as hell now.

Link of the Day: A gentleman’s Twitter page. I don’t say anything interesting enough to warrant more followers. I’ve been petering out around 1,550/1,600 for some time now.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Two screenings at once.

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