It’s been since July that I collected these suckers in a readable fashion so the people who complain that one strip a day is hard to follow need another reason to moan. In truth, I get it. Sometimes momentum is a very strong thing so I’m glad to put these like this so folks can either get on the boat, jump off, or see the strip they dig in a lump. Lewis and I are currently working on collecting RON in an actual printed volume and are torn between regular comic size, manga size, or something else. Give us a hand in figuring this out. Also, if you think these are decent in online chunks just wait until you see them in high rez.

The first arc is HERE, the second arc is HERE, the third arc is HERE, the fourth arc is HERE, the fifth arc is HERE, and the sixth arc is HERE should you want to digest this as an

Also, I’d be silly not to mention all the cool RON gear available

I now present… Blood ‘N Guts Theater

I now present, the Storm Before The HIM:

And now, The Dark Him: Part One: