This has to be quick and dirty as I snag some nearby wifi at SXSW, but I thought those of you hungry for more Super 8 content could have some fun with the new secret website that’s part of the viral campaign. Discovered by ReelzChannel, a URL hidden in the latest trailer. The URL points to, which takes you to a  cute recreation of an analog film editing bay, complete with hook-hung film clips and a “projector” you cans use to activate the clips. There’s a ton of space for more elements though, and whether or not they’ll be revealed over time or can be unlocked with some puzzle-solving, I can’t say.

Check out the site and poke around. It’s not hard to run across a brief look of a few scientists discussing an experiment of some kind, and again, there’s surely more to find or be released. They’ve certainly nailed that 8mm, antiquated film look with the site and the marketing thus far, it remains to be seen if they can capture the storytelling magic of some of those 80s classic they’re channeling.

If you dig up anything new, make sure to let us know about in the comments or on the boards.

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