With the Transporter sequel such a driving force (guh) at the box office, Jason Statham is taking advantage of that exposure to snatch a new project before his association to Uwe Boll can prove detrimental.

The beefy Brit will slay his way through Los Angeles in the Lions Gate action-thriller Crank. The flick (taking place over a single day) follows a professional killer who, upon discovering he’s been poisoned, cuts a swath through that lovely city seeking those responsible.  It’s like D.O.A. meets Collateral!  Which is somewhat appropriate, since Statham is the guy who issued the hit contracts to Tom Cruise in that flick.  Maybe it’s what happened to his character after he left the airport.  Hey, that’d actually be kinda cool.

Anyway, the movie starts shooting next month with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor making their directing debut from their own script.  Statham next appears with more firearms and slo-mo entrances in Guy Ritchie’s Revolver.

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