casYesterday the news about Marvel making its own movies, with marketing and distribution from Paramount, was announced. One of the ten film projects mentioned was Ant-Man. Much derision ensued across the internet. Meanwhile, in an Aint It Cool talkback, Moriarty said that he knew who was in talks to direct the film, and that fandom would be wetting their pants (or drooling – our reaction would somehow dampen us) if they knew who it was.

IGN FilmForce has uncovered the truth, they think. The answer: Edgar Wright, the man behind Spaced and Shaun of the Dead.

Internet, commence eating your words.

According to the scoop, Wright wants to make it a comedy. This fits in with what Avi Arad told me at Comicon this year – he talked about how the Deathlok movie script reads like just a sci-fi film. Marvel Entertainment isn’t looking to make just superhero movies, it seems, but rather to use these identifiable characters in ways that can launch films and toys. And there’s nothing wrong with that.