casThe third season of Arrested Development is shaping up nicely. By that I mean it’s coming back to TV, which is much more than I ever expected.

Now there’s an announcement that a beloved cast member is leaving – but his replacement is pretty amazing. Henry Winkler, who played family lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn, is leaving the show for his own series, Out of Practice. What do you do when The Fonz leaves your show?

Why, bring in Chachi, of course.

Scott Baio has been signed to play the new Bluth family lawyer, although as of now he’s only appearing in one episode. "I just got the call on Friday," Baio tells E! Online TV columnist Kristin Veitch. "I play their attorney. I’m taking over for Barry Zuckerkorn. And I’m just here to represent the family in whatever’s going on in this nutty show."

Can Chachi Arcola possibly be as completely perverted as Barry? God, I hope so.

This is the second huge casting announcement for the show, although Chachi fully eclipses any word that Charlize Theron will be appearing on the show for five episodes as a woman who becomes the love interest for Michael.