Several years after Sam Raimi famously plunked down a cool million for the privilege of adapting it, the sun has finally started to descend on 30 Days of Night.

Director David Slade has grabbed his holy water and night vision gear for the high-concept fright flick, based on a comic (which you can buy HERE!) by omnipresent horror scribe Steve Niles and artist Ben Templesmith.  The flick is being produced by Raimi and longtime partner Rob Tapert through Ghost House (the book was actually the first property associated with Raimi’s new company). Slade, who is thankfully not David Spade, comes from a music video background and made his feature debut on the thriller Hard Candy which starred Ellen Page, aka X3’s Kitty Pryde. 

When it seemed like there wasn’t anything original left that you could do with vampires, the premise of 30 Days is fresh, lean and mean (and simple in a “Holy shit, I can’t believe no one thought of it already and I’m pissed it wasn’t me” sort of way): A small sleepy town in Alaska, where a month passes without daylight, is targeted as the perfect feeding ground by a clan of bloodsuckers, and the local husband-and-wife sheriff department must try to survive the bloodshed.

The ever-busy Niles (who’s seemingly sold or optioned nearly everything to spill from his mind since the 30 Days deal) continues to crank out comics such as Giant Monster.  He also recently melded with CHUD fave actor Tom Jane to form Raw Entertainment, producing still more graphic horror books and movies for Lions Gate.

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