March 12

Media: None.

Music: The New Mastersounds.

Comedy: None.

Food/Drink: Blackened tilapia, shrimp. Pecan encrusted trout. Calamari. Sangria. Had a Cabiguan, one of the best mild/medium smokes there is.

Family: We took Mom out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Bonefish Grill. Good stuff, though I was not prepared for Rocco in Firebrand Mode. We then got frozen yogurt. Good stuff.

Friends: Andrea joined me for a cigar and to work on the Art Jams.

Work: Finished my Camel Toe article. Worked on some CHUD stuff.

Art: I drew a fireman being chased by flames wearing a Nike headband. And some other shit.

Goodies: A bunch of Sucker Punch swag arrived.

Screenwriting: No time. Someone needs to come and help on CHUD to free me up!

Projects: Spoke with the higher-ups and it looks like I will definitely be in LA in April. Hoping to free some time this week to actually get back on point. It’ll be difficult. Stuff involving the Sewer is beginning to irk me. Need more stuff!

Minutia: MLB The Show is my best friend.

Activity: Did the resistance bands, the weights, and a little stretching.

Ailments: The typical issues of being almost 40.

Shrink’s Chair: I hate the way men are so fucking silly and dumb about how they attempt their moves with women. If I were a woman I’d seal my shit up.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The son of a bitch from the mail box place who came over and got in my business over a dispute we have where he fucked up and dropped the ball. I handled it well, but in retrospect I should have ripped his face off.

True Trivia: I’m allergic to Codeine.

Link of the Day: Badass Digest. Our history put aside, Dev’s where he belongs.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Fantasy baseball drafts out the ass.

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