March 11

Media: None.

Music: None.

Comedy: None.

Food/Drink: Grilled chicken. Irish coffee. Spinach & Feta pizza. Old Parr Single Malt Scotch.

Family: A good bit. Spent time at lunch with Mom, who had a follow-up visit in regards to the surgery she had. The news wasn’t good. We hung out in the evening figuring next steps.

Friends: Steve came over for some MLB: The Show 11. It was glorious. And let’s not forget the three games of darts he lost before calling it a day.

Work: As much as possible, considering.

Art: I put the Art Jam up!

Goodies: Nope.

Screenwriting: No time.

Projects: Late night phone calls with the boss man. That CHUD midnight movie thing begins in April.

Minutia: I can’t get enthused about SXSW, I should have been there.

Activity: A little here and there. Nothing amazing.

Ailments: I’m fine. Wish others were too.

Shrink’s Chair: I have recently daydreamed about becoming a bartender or something else that doesn’t require me to spend so much time keeping track of people and content.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The fuckface at the TV in the office getting pissed that they were so caught up in the Japan crisis on the news.

True Trivia: In 7th grade I ate dinner at a friends house and cracked dead baby jokes the whole time. After dinner my friend told me that he was adopted and his “parents” had lost 5 children. Yeah. Then ten years later my friend was at a convenience store and there was a robbery and he got shot in the head and died. So there’s that.

Link of the Day: LastExitToNowhere. Best T-Shirts ever. Expensive, but great.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Saturday. Drawing. Working. Yawning.

The Day’s Rating:


Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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