casBack when Jimbo Cameron was emotionally abusing his way through the filming of Titanic, Variety ran a daily front-page Titanic Watch. That may have been the most famous troubled production in decades (and the most profitable since Gone With the Wind), but it wasn’t alone. And to this day movies find themselves getting deeper and deeper into shit. The latest one is the Jim Carrey vehicle, Fun With Dick and Jane.

The remake of the comedy about a bank robbing couple already shot for a chunky 114 days earlier this year, busting 25 days over schedule. But that’s not where it ends for this supposed Christmas release – Dark Horizons has a scoop that a whopping 60 pages – probably around half the script – has been rewritten, and a further five weeks have been scheduled for reshoots.

Apparently those 60 pages (for those of you not in the know, the rule of thumb is that one page of script is one page of screentime, so that’s an hour reworked) have been “whittled down” to just 40, but the ending looks like it’s in for a major overhaul yet. Some of the changes, Dark Horizon’s source says, includes the studio looking for more “over the top Jim Carrey” antics. Oy vey.

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