all know the show. Many of you are aware that it’s about to hit DVD in
a snazzy and stacked special edition series one set. Heck, some of you
are among the many on our message boards debating the minutia even as
J.J. Abrams and his crew hold carrots just out of your filthy reach.

One of the biggest sensations in dramatic television in a long while. I
recently watched the first season in two sittings and found it to be
surprisingly excellent and feel that DVD is the way to see this show
without the reruns and weekly nail biting. This is a must own set, and
Devin’s upcoming DVD review will seal the deal if you don’t care about
my opinion.

This is a really solid DVD package, especially
considering it’s a network show that’s just getting ready for its
sophomore season.

I have a stack of these bad boys waiting for
CHUD.com’s finest readers to snag them and not have to wait in line at
the eternally slow Best Buy counter or risk a paper cut from an Amazon
box (though we could really use some help from you suckers in the
online ordering through those folks). No, this is a DVD that will be
sent directly from me to you with no strings attached. Nice, eh?

Here’s how to win:

are on a secret mission on a new craft that can travel in and out of
time and reality. In fact, you can actually visit fictional lands and
worlds with this thing. You have five charges to land you and your crew
in a locale out of fiction (as in, not real places) and be stranded for
an untold amount of time. Why would you want to be stranded? I DON’T
KNOW. It’s a contest, leave me out of it. Anyway, you have to tell me
what five fictional places from TV or film history you’d choose and
why. Go into a little detail. Give me something to read. Earn that DVD.
To answer the question you’re all wondering, YES THE VEHICLE HAS A WEB

Write the five places in an email using the link below and including your mailing address. One
entry per person, and I’ll send a DVD anywhere in the world if the
person gets picked. Also, I will delete your email and hate you if you
don’t follow the contest rules.

Lastly, in addition to your five answers please tell me how you think we’re doing with the site right now.
I think our traffic’s a little low and I think we’re doing a good job.
Maybe you guys are enjoying the summer too much and haven’t spent as
much time here, I dunno.

So, that’s 6 answers and your mailing address. Small price to pay for a bad ass DVD.