March 10

Media: None.

Music: The Killing Swarm’s Splinters and Myths stuff. Soon, that CD will be done.

Comedy: Richard Pryor.

Food/Drink: Smart Start cereal (so good). Ippolito’s (also good). Catherine’s homemade risotto (also good). A little vodka and orange soda in the late hours.

Family: Very little.

Friends: The office folks.

Work: Yes, lots! I was at half-mast [figuratively] due to the recovery from the day before.

Art: Piss away!

Goodies: Shit no!

Screenwriting: The Earth is a sad town.

Projects: Had a call about the CHUD midnight movies thing. I don’t know how that’s going to shake out.

Minutia: It was heartening to see the initial response to

Activity: Game Two for The Punishers. Inexplicably I am the #11 hitter. So of course I go 3-3 with a Grand Slam, a single, and a triple I could have turned into an inside-the-park HR if my knee wasn’t barking and we already had a sizable lead. I played the field a little bit but not the whole game. It’s weird being the extra player in case they needed me to the 11th player as I watch what’s happening out there and am powerless to solve it. But it’s a fun team and good guys and a 6-6 start for the season with 10 RBI makes me happy.

Ailments: Minor things involving me being older than I should be and being less proactive about my well-being than I ought to.

Shrink’s Chair: Because I don’t “get” it and because I don’t have the capacity or detail skills to make it easier on myself for the rest of the year, tax season wipes me the fuck out.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The absolutely vile cunt at Kroger who had two children, but you wouldn’t know that unless they didn’t return from running unsupervised around the store for five minute stretches to ask their mother when she’d be done. This woman was holding up the line at the customer service desk for twenty minutes as she forced the cashier to pull scratch-off lottery ticket bundles from storage because the machine was out and pondered which stacks to buy. Her kids, who were around 3 and 6, were a nonfactor. They literally went off roaming the entirety of the store as their greedy mother held us up and eventually paid $600 for bundles of lottery scratch-off tickets. She then moved over to the lottery ticket machine with her about-to-be-purchased stack of romance novels [because who would fuck this misshapen Soggoth] and loudly talked about how she won 10K once and yelled out “Where’s my lucky lottery girl?” until her daughter showed up to select which scratch-offs she’d buy from the machine. Of course, the mother didn’t like her daughter’s choices and chose differently. In the parking lot later I was getting ready to leave when the Moorlock and her spawns walked by and I was lucky enough to hear her absolutely reaming the little girl about something. But not while looking at her kid who was roaming free in the parking lot (a place BUILT TO KILL KIDS)… she was too busy trying to win another 10K. Hopefully not to fund a child’s funeral. Cunt.

True Trivia: I’m friends with a pilot who used to be Oprah Winfrey’s personal pilot (well, one of a few). I daydreamed about him ejecting her into the sea on more than one occasion.

Link of the Day: Yeah, because it’s WORTH two straight days.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Friday, and how I need it.

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