March 8

Media: Four Lions.

Music: Because I wanted to be a total siss, Ashton Allen.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink: Boring as Boring gets. Not one drink. Not one meal that wasn’t gruel.

Family: In preparation for the nightmare of Wednesday, very little.

Friends: The office folks.

Work: Plenty, starring Jessica Lange.

Art: Leave me be!

Goodies: Jack. Ass.

Screenwriting: Shit no, I got a site to launch!

Projects: There’s not enough time in the day.

Minutia: Why the heck do I find Ann Curry kinda hot?

Activity: Um… Leave me alone! I’m not some freak!

Ailments: Feeling better than I ought.

Shrink’s Chair: I’m very proud of the CHUD readers for not giving Devin shit in those Sucker Punch interviews we ran. No need to stir that shit again, especially after the unfortunate stuff regarding Renn and the Talkbacks.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The gigantic fat I saw at Publix who was so concerned with their cell phone that the small fat behind them [presumably their kid since they looked the same aside from years of extra fattening] could have been hit by a car and they’d had not even noticed. Protect your young!

True Trivia: I’m a tender lover. Ask Clint Howard.

Link of the Day: Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. We need three more people for the CHUD league!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: D-Day. Very tough day.

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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