Despite the involvement of the Broken Lizard guys, I haven’t bothered to see the Dukes of Hazzard movie yet (Devin was brutally bounced off the General Lee’s hood HERE), but I know it’s made a fair amount of legal tender.

Speaking of legal and tender, no doubt part of the movie’s success is due to the magnificent rack of Jessica Simpson, who has apparently become spokesperson for all things Duke.  It seems that Simpson recently told England’s Sky News (where all the best movie news comes from) that the inevitable sequel could bring hillbilly appeal to the UK, with the Duke boys potentially peeling around London in their orange Charger tooting their Dixie horn and blowing up stuff proper with dynamite arrows.  And can you just imagine what hilarity will ensue when they meet those Buckingham Palace guards?  The mind reels.

Besides the fact that a similar culture clash was recently done in Shanghai Knights, having two moonshine-loving yokels travel to England makes about as much sense as Jessica Simpson having a successful singing career.  And while I’m certain there’s little actual merit to her remarks regarding the direction of the Dukes franchise, it was a good excuse for me to post a picture of Jessica Simpson.

Like this one: