csaIn a time when the supposedly liberal media just rolls over and accepts everything that the current administration tells them, it’s almost impossible to imagine someone with the balls of Edward R Murrow going on the air and specifically denouncing the witch hunt tactics of Senator Joe McCarthy.

It’s an amazing story, and now it’s a movie – the second directorial effort from George Clooney. David Strathairn stars as the legendary newsman and Clooney is his producer Fred Friendly. The movie is called Good Night, and Good Luck, and I have to tell you that the buzz is HUGE. I had to beg to get into a screening that is happening tonight (I won’t be able to review it yet, but I’ll drop hints!), and the trailer that just came out should tell you why.

You have to give Clooney props for making his film in black and white. As if a drama about a newsman taking on a senator in the 50s wasn’t a tough enough sell, he removes the color. But it looks great. And the film looks like it’s not going to shy away from tackling parallels between America today and the America that shook under the gaze of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee.

Click here to check out the trailer. The film opens in limited release on October 7, after premiering at the New York Film Festival.

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