You know the story. I’ve been charged with creating a new website. Nope, I don’t own this one. But it’s my baby as far as I’m concerned. I’m certainly treating it as such. We got a little funding, a little office, and a few very dedicated people bustingĀ  their buttocks for many months now. From October 1st, 2010 to today we have spent more time than I care to admit on conference calls, in planning meetings, and hunched over our keyboards trying to deliver something unique and interesting on a very valuable domain. We’ve courted and brought on a lot of diverse and fun writers, and the results of a lot of time and effort [and the inevitable technical setbacks] and now the site has arrived.

We’ll obviously be upgraded, tweaking, and improving constantly but it was time to share it with you.

I think it’s obvious from the jump that this isn’t trying to be another It’s something very different. But I think the sites are kindred spirits and therefore I’m delighted to get your take on it. It’ll take some getting used to. The front page is horizontally scrolling, magazine-style fun.

A few links to start you on your way:

Main page.
My ‘welcome aboard’ article.
John Mak’s tracing back of where hip hop samples originate.
Andrea’s cigar bar primer.
Our first contest!
Me on Die-Offs.
The forums (these will evolve, I promise!).