In the last year over 500,000 people have downloaded the fantastic XBLA title Toy Soldiers. The theme of an old-school boardgame made for the perfect tower defense game, especially one that gave you the ability to get your hands dirty and control any of your units. The game easily deserved its success but like many games that take place in World War II, Toy Soldiers is moving on to more modern warfare.

Developer Signal Studios has announced Toy Soldiers: Cold War, which of course will feature the USA and USSR battling it out. You’ll be able to control new units from tanks and helicopters to fighter jets and atvs, and take advantage of the new physics and destructible environments. Also? Nukes. Hopefully you’ll be able to unleash a few against the massive enemy bosses.

There will also finally be campaign and survival co-op modes in both online and offline varieties… easily the one thing the original was missing! Check out the trailer below and weep for joy.

PAX East attendees will be able to see the game for themselves this weekend. PC Gamers who want to see what the fuss is about will be able to find out for themselves when the original title is released late Spring/early Summer. Find more details over at the official site.