Witness the majesty of Medusa, the only car you’ll want to be driving when the world ends.

This is the star of Bellflower, Evan Glodell’s film about two guys who build their own flamethrowers and weaponry in the hopes that armageddon will finally happen and they’ll be able to take over the roads with their gang. The film is also apparently a romance story, a fantasy, and a revenge flick all rolled up in one.

The film was shot with no computer effects- they actually created this beast of a car and crammed it full of weapons. Here are the specs.

Medusa is equipped with two fuel injected exhaust flamethrowers with a 30,000 volt ignition system, smoke screen, a bleach drift-kit, adjustable rear suspension, 3 surveillance cameras (all in which are controlled from the dashboard), a customized apocalypse exhaust system, 6-71 Supercharger, posi rear end, a self-contained oxygen supply for chemical or underwater warfare, a roll cage, stow-able fold-down back seat and occasionally holds a sawed-off shotgun in the trunk in case of emergency.

If you’re attending SXSW, you might be lucky and see Medusa around town- they’re going to be giving demonstrations of this badass car.

Oscilloscope Laboratories will release Bellflower in theaters on July 22nd, 2011. We’ll definitely be bringing you much more on this intriguing film in the upcoming months.