Note: As a sort of post mortem to the Oscars, I will be covering all 10 of the Best Picture nominees and their trailers. And when I’m done, we can finally all STFU about the Oscars.

When choosing the trailer to feature for Inception, you probably assumed I would choose the now famous theatrical trailer (BWAMM.)  Well, you’d be wrong.  Well that’s an excellent trailer in its own right, I choose one that has stuck with me ever since I saw it two years ago.  I choose the teaser trailer.

Remember back in 2009 when we had no idea what Inception was?  Back then, this trailer made us think Inception would be the science fiction film to end all science fiction films.  Well that’s clearly not the case, this teaser did such a good job at setting up practically nothing yet making us even more excited then we already were.  A near perfect teaser.

Inception Teaser Trailer

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