casI just finished watching the DVD box set of Undeclared, the show that Judd Apatow did after Freaks and Geeks that got cancelled just as ignominiously. It’s great stuff – not as good as Freaks, but still classic. Apatow can dance on the edge of bathos but always brings it back with well timed and painfully true comedy.

His feature film directorial debut, The 40 Year Old Virgin, is a smash hit. It’s already done wonders for Steve Carell’s career – his quote has gone from 500k to 5 MILLION. Now it’s Apatow’s time in the sun. He just sold an untitled pitch to Universal for a follow up – not a sequel but another “offbeat romantic comedy.” And best of all is that it will include many of the people who worked on Virgin, including Seth Rogen, a sneak weapon of hilarity.

I hope that whatever this next film is, which starts in the spring and will be written by Apatow, will somehow include Martin Starr. He’s maybe the funniest fucker in the Apatowverse.

You can bet that I will be watching this one as closely as possible and will be reporting back the most minute details.