cwI’m going to step up to the plate here and admit that I am confused. I really thought that Super Ex, the next film from Ivan “let’s pretend Evolution didn’t happen” Reitman about a guy who discovers his girlfriend is a super hero, starred Luke Wilson. IMDB, not the most accurate place ever, says that it’s Luke Wilson. Our own Fetal Films page says that it’s Luke Wilson.

But the new Hollywood Reporter says Owen Wilson. I go over to Coming Soon – Owen Wilson. – Owen Wilson. Fuck it. I am going against the consensus reality and I am saying that Luke Wilson is starring in this movie.

Whichever Wilson it is, Uma Thurman is playing the supergirl. When the Mystery Wilson dumps her for being too controlling, she harasses and embarrasses him with her superpowers.

The latest news, besides the amorphous identities of those Wilsons, is that Anna Faris and Eddie Izzard have joined the film. Faris will be playing Whichever Wilson’s new love interest, while Izzard will be playing the villain, Professor Bedlam.

I look forward to Izzard. It’s not like his career is free of blemishes, but I like him a bunch, and always like to see him working. Plus this sounds like it’s going to be broad, so it could be a good vehicle for him.

As for our fellow news sites – I think the Hollywood Reporter dropped the ball here and made a typo. Critical thinking is paramount for news repurposers like us! Sure, you’ll get the story up twenty minutes before me… but I’ll have it up right.

There’s a total winky face at the end of that. Conceptually.