It seems that Sylvestore Stallone will not be directing the sequel to his staggeringly successful ridiculous action flick, after all.  According to a source who spoke to 24 Frames, Stallone has been meeting with directors to find one who can take over for The Expendables 2, or whatever it will be named.

This comes on top of news that the script for the film was written by David Agosto and Ken Kaufman (Space Cowboys). The original was of course written by Stallone, who co-wrote with David Callaham.

Not that this film needs a script. Get all the original actors back in on it, hire Bruce Willis as the main bad guy as Stallone has insinuated before, and boom- you’ve got another $275 million worldwide, easy.

So what do you folks think? What directors would do the movie justice? Who could improve on it?