When the levee breaks, the flood of DVD titles comes rushing towards you. Every week is different, and this week brings a lot of older titles for all of you nostalgia whores out there. If you can’t find anything worth your time in this stupendous summary, then maybe it’s best you stayed home for our next shindig.

Fight for your right to party

jake n elwood
There are some movies that are always on television. It just seems that a lot of them are from the John Landis oeuvre, from the comedic 101 masterworks Trading Places to Coming to America to today’s release The Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition. First you’ll want to check out Devin’s plethora of comments he posed to Mr. Landis here, especially since he has quite a few interesting things to say. No matter what time, the film always seems to be on AMC and the parts I usually end up catching are Elwood and Jake’s madcap dash through the streets of Chicago to get to Cook County Assessor Steven Spielberg’s office, or the scene where Elwood is taking Jake and the band to the outskirts of town, a country bar, to perform to a rather eclectic crowd. At a certain point in my life, I wondered if they’d actually showed the entire film on television – as we all know how truncated versions of all films pop up all the time – but now the DVD is here to comfort us, complete with an extended cut (a roadshow version, if you will) and a more in-depth documentary about the making of the spectacular film. If you have to ask what the film’s about, it’s for the common good of mankind (so it doesn’t destroy you) that you just purchase the damned thing. The Blues Brothers has an inspired series of comedic events, whether it be driving through an actual mall or destroying millions of dollars in public property, and a wealth of some of the greatest most amazing rhythm & blues artists ever assembled for your viewing pleasure. A definite favorite cameo of mine is Ray Charles and his presence. Aretha Franklin is great as well, infectiously wonderful. Above all, though, the entire film is filled with energetic lunacy, and it’s well worth anyone’s busy time. Unless you’re a goddamned Neo-Nazi.

Be on a mission from the big Man – with: an introduction to the film from Dan Aykroyd, stories behind the making of The Blues Brothers: Go behind the scenes with John Landis, Dan Aykroyd, and the Blues Brothers band, some exclusive in-depth interviews with the cast and crew and never-before seen footage, 4 featurettes (Going Rounds: A Day on the Blues Brothers tour, Transposing the music, Remembering John and Musical Highlights) and some production notes.

The Muay Thai Warrior is here to kick everyone’s ass and then run all out of bubblegum. It certainly kicked Devin’s ass six ways to Sunday and then round the block, so check out his review here before smiling all nastily that he finally got some sort of faux comeuppance. In reality, though, Tony Jaa continues to astonish all of the hard asses out there by actually destroying them, their lives and their families until they’re deader than Billy Butcherson. Then, he kills them all some more until the trigger goes ‘click.’ All joshing aside, in Ong-Bak (Dan’s DVD review is forthcoming!), Jaa is Ting, the mighty Thai Warrior who has to travel to Bangkok to find out who stole the ethereal head Ong-Bak and in the process, kick hordes of ass all in the name of the holy holies. What clinches the deal (and several assholes in the making, including yours when you can pick your gaping mouth off your dirty floor) is the level of insane skill present from Jaa and his non-human body. He pummels panes of glass into smithereens, leaps between cars, dives through a wreath of barbed wire, yes that says through it, and then continues on his merry way sending people into The Nation’s Punched, Kicked, and Flying Elbowed for … eternity. Singing kumbaya isn’t an option here, as Jaa would most likely take your pussy guitar and smash it to bits before stealing your girlfriend and jet setting her all the way into a deadly zone filled with tremendous peril. He’s that hardcore. Most of us are not, with our beer bellies and accentuated Hot Topic character tee-shirts, so we’ll have to make due and project all of our vicious fantasies onto Jaa, one of the next generation of action stars currently making the rounds and smashing the right amount of faces inward. Mine – or yours – is probably next.

Fist meets FACE! – with: The 8 movements of Muay Thai, some behind-the-scenes stunt footage, Tony Jaa performance at French screening and at an NBS game, a promotional video featuring The RZA, a Rap music video featuring Tony Jaa, the making of the Rap music video, a trailer featuring The RZA and some additional trailers.

dessert?You can try and fool me into believing that the potential for greatness occurs within the journey for Confederate gold in the wispy sand swept villages of a rather large desert, but in reality, Sahara was one of the most frustrating movies of the year. Devin enjoyed the film tremendously, so check out his kinder, more trying words right here. In fact, I was bored to tears about halfway through, and the pedestrian plot centered around the grating teaming of Matthew McConaughey (or as he used to known on our Message Boards: McConau****) and Steve Zahn, playing the same wise-cracking friend you’ve seen him typecast in a million other movies. Even if I’m wrong and he hasn’t been, it certainly feels like it. Where Sahara falters is within the rather large detour it takes. Following along, the adventure is set, but it moves towards some sort of half-hazard plotting around a deadly contaminate in the water, courtesy of a slimy member of foreigner. Then, at the last moment, I found the story taking a U-turn (minus Oliver Stone’s paranoid filmmaking) back onto the original track for the search for gold. Count me out on this one, but its quite possible that there’s some kind of goodness for future installments in there. I don’t know if I’ll be joining the team anytime soon, so William H. ‘bearded’ Macy should be sufficiently pissed at me for that one.

Be in the right place at the wrong time – with: audio commentary by Director Breck Eisner and Actor/Executive Producer Matthew McConau****, three featurettes and some deleted scenes.

icy hot
Ralph Bakshi fans are getting it pretty good, non? But if you’re young, unexposed to the cruelty of the world and still living with your legal guardians, the words from the director of the animated Lord of the Rings and the illustrator of Conan the Barbarian have to mean something, right? Questions and more questions I pose to you, partly because the 2-disc Limited Edition of Fire & Ice needs you to be properly accounted for before coming into your home to slay and destroy your nether regions. Bakshi’s mind this time takes us to the aftermath of the great Ice Age, as an evil Queen and her son plot to overtake the Ice Kingdom on their way to rule all that is theirs. The prize just so happens to be Fire Keep, one of the strongest ports of goodness in a fortnight. It’s up to those who dwell there (and most likely live with their parents) to take arms against the coming armies of death and destruction, and there’s nary a dry eye in sight. Especially since you’ve cried yourself to sleep many nights over the events of this film. Mom hates it when I do. Bakshi probably does as well, since his various forays into fantasy have always yielded pretty nifty visuals from the characters that inhabit Bakshi’s imagination and the worlds they take refuge in. Now if we could just stop pretending that we’re actually these people when we leave the house, that’d be something.

Icy to dull the pain and hot to shred your pants – with: an audio commentary with Producer/Director Ralph Bakshi, the Making of Fire and Ice, Bakshi on Frazetta, Sean Hannon’s Diary Notes, Behind-the-Scenes Still Gallery, a 93 minute documentary: Frazetta: Painting with Fire, audio commentary with Director Lance Laspina and Producer Jeremy J. DiFiore for that documentary and the theatrical trailer.

fondaThis next one goes out to all you begrudged Vietnam Vets out there, as your favorite actress Jane Fonda, is back and working again in Monster-in-Law, this time with Jennifer Lopez, a woman who definitely isn’t on any block. You’ll notice that absolutely none of the denizens of CHUD HQ have reviewed this one, probably because we’re unabashedly nowhere near the films target audience: a fourteen year old girl and her mother. While some might accuse me of writing like one (seriously, raoflmao!) – or both (shit! menopause!) – the point being is that this website isn’t necessarily tailored for such a finely crafted picture. Audiences across America seemed to be (except for one theater in Ken-tuck-ee, judging by a very personal 30+ year Grudge, sans Michelle Gellar) and they flocked to his movie in multi-colored pony-tailed droves. Is it good? Should we even care? I’m not sure. One thing I do know though, is that I have an intensely guilty pleasure for Director Robert Luketic’s previous ‘tween film Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!. And while insanely schlocky in absolutely every regard, it manages to speak to all of us still waiting to go out on dates. With girls. Holding out hope, we’ve got to wonder that maybe it’s better if we stayed in tonight and watched Ms. Lopez duke it out against Ms. Fonda in a battle of the sexes, as the pair spar off against possessiveness, cleanliness and being on the 6 train.

Dislocate some vaginas – with: an audio commentary with director Robert Luketic, Wanda Sykes, producer Chris Bender, production designer Missy Stewart and director of photography Russell Carpenter, 7 featurettes (Welcome Back, Jane Fonda!, Keeping it Real with Jennifer, Vartan, the Man!, Ruby’s Make-up Bag, Robert Luketic – The Man Behind the Monster and the two-part Trendsetters on lifestyles and fashion), a gag reel, some deleted scenes with Director introduction and the teaser and theatrical trailers.

Heston!Legend (and Amazon.com) has it that Charlton Heston, while filming Sam Peckinpah’s first film, became so enraged with the masculine director that he quickly jumped on horseback, raised his sword and charged with full might towards him. Peckinpah, supposedly, had to jump onto a camera crane to escape the hurt, but "Heston offered to give up his salary to get the studio to let Peckinpah finish" his Major Dundee: The Extended Edition. Peckinpah’s films are those of hyper masculinity, of men being manly and leaving nothing in their paths. His characters are towering examples of skewed heroes, men forced into situations they roll with, adapt to any situation, men who bitch-slap anyone with the greatest abandon. Columbia has seen to it that some extra footage has been replaced (cut by the producers prior to the films release) that have the distinction of making the film a bit more clearer, cohesively understandable considering the strange vagueness the film had in its original 1965 release. The story is centered around Heston’s Major Dundee going a little more than mad as the West Point grad is taken out of combat and placed in charge of a Union Prison in New Mexico during the Civil War. There, he discovers that a group of Apaches have kidnapped and killed some Americans. Upon hearing this, he’s off. One problem, though, his men are more than thinned out, and he’s forced to recruit the Confederate prisoners, including his foil Captain Benjamin Tyreen (played by the marauding Richard Harris). "If this sounds a lot like the plot of John Ford’s Rio Grande, it’s because they used the same story as inspiration". Consider this your primer for Peckinpah’s masterpiece The Wild Bunch, as he’d go onto the film immediately after this one, thus cementing his status as the bloodied general in a sea of testosterone. Much like how you’d like to be.

I am not your uncle, you redneck peckerwood! – with: no special features. I believe they might have dropped the ball on this one, extras-wise.

Disturbingly perfectThe first season of Nip/Tuck was crazy in that hey-we’re-gonna-show-you-some-crazy-scenes type of way. Like a sucker punch to the testicles, or for the women out there, a massive sledgehammer to your nipples, the show always seemed to skirt the line of aggressive drama and it’s back in full force in Nip/Tuck – Season Two (check out Nick’s DVD review right here, complete with the most limber transsexual in town). Perfectly chiseled and acne free, the elite plastic surgery team of McNamara/Troy is giving back to the community, in the most superficial(.com) way possible, even as their own personal lives are being built up to be smashed down around them. This year, the men give J. Jonah Jameson some hefty man breasts (like some of those on our Message Boards!), restore a variety of disgusting disfigurations (like penises bent to the left) and deal with The Carver, a sadistic southern serial killer who used to be in the Clinton Administration. As Nick says: "normally, a show with excessive gore [done in exquisite and grotesque splendor during the show’s signature plastic surgery scenes], incest, loads of sex, RealDoll thrusting, conjoined twins, crash test dummies, and people who urinate into soap dispensers would have me totally in its wiles but it all just came across as too much." But, we both agree that Nip/Tuck is a show that’s believable, because of the diverse ranges from the performers in the face of evil, like Alec Baldwin. Or maybe it was because he knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. Like plastic surgeons.

Ride people like Triple Crown jockeys – with: 40 minutes of deleted scenes and a never-before-seen featurette: "Recurring Pain: Three Women and Their Man".

The days of double dipping are back, as both Paramount and Disney usher in their respective Special Editions of films that have been forgotten by time and rising gas prices. The worst offender here is the cutesy Special Edition re-moniker (besides re-releasing Pretty Woman every 5 years), the type of titling that will continue to make more than a few DVD geeks cringe. Almost every home video department is a contender. It’s business, though, and money makes the world go round. My world is currently spinning in the negative direction.

sell beefwhore!that's me

Fat Guy in a little coat, ’cause Tommy Boy – Holy Schnike Edition comes with: audio commentary from Director Peter Segal, 4 Featurettes, 6 Deleted Scenes, 7 Storyboard Comparisons, 15 Extended Scenes, 19 TV Spots (I wonder how many are exactly alike?), a gag reel, a photo gallery and the theatrical trailer.

As always, Pretty Woman whores it up – with: an all-new audio commentary with Director Garry Marshall, 3 featurettes (Live From The Wrap Party, LA: The Pretty Woman Tour and a 1990 thing), a cast reunion interview, a blooper reel, some deleted scenes and a Natalie Cole music video.

The Clueless – Whatever! Edition destroys brain cells – with: several features (The Class of ’95 – A look at the cast, then and now, Creative Writing – Director Amy Heckerling talks about creating the world of Clueless, Fashion 101 – How the filmmakers invented the trend-setting fashions, How To Play the "Suck ‘n Blow" Game – A Tutorial, Driver’s Ed – Get behind the wheel with the cast and crew, We’re History – Stories from the cast and crew) and 2 theatrical trailers. Kids in America, these days.

Warner Brothers bombs the hell out of your comedy lust with a trash barge filled with the most high-brow of films, gems where Mark Hamill and Annie Potts make dirty Las Vegas love over a Corvette, John Ritter dons his crime fighting garb, Bill Murray dresses up like a clown with Randy Quaid and to top it off, Joe Piscapo finally jumps right back into the mainstream, where the thespian belongs after these painful years out of the spotlight helping Little Red Riding Hood up the hill. Hi-oh! The less we say about Almost Heroes, the better.

summer o loveritterMurray Warrior

I’ve haven’t ventured into the land of House, yet, but rest assured, from what I was able to deduct from the clips and promos I viewed, is that House doesn’t like anyone and he goes his own way. My friends like to joke around that all you’d need to do is throw a shirt on him that says: "I PLAY BY MY OWN RULES!!!" and then in moments of intense dramatic crisis just have him point to his motto, shake his fist angrily and have the argument be done. Moving on, Roseanne returns for her first season, marred with a lot of eighties hair, while Schultze Gets the Blues and takes a long trip down south. Even Larry David hires a prostitute so he can drive in the carpool lane in Curb Your Enthusiasm and finally, and I think I speak for everyone here: you always need a ‘Stak Attack.

fattiesswing it babysequelitis

Futuristic Zombies and Bowlers

uh oh spaghettiosOne could joke that essentially we’re all zombies, snatching up whatever media is force-fed our way, but it seems like recently, with the demise of several supposed home run films (like the best bad movie of the year – Stealth, read Dave’s review) that we’ve become like the super gas-pumper Big Daddy Zombie guy from maestro George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead. If you read anything from this site and the slowly on life support Creature Corner, make sure to check out Nick/Devin/Russ & Andrew Sweeney’s tag-team review, where not once does anyone don shades and rip their form fitting wifebeater off for the crowd. Nope, they’re all talkin’ about the things that go bump in the night and then rip your face off. Unlike your Mother, the Zombies in Land of the Dead seem to have evolved, transformed into sheep lead by the Shepard, the Zombie Big Daddy, whose cries to the heavens often do turn him into a moaner on the level of Vader in the most basic level. Romero, working in his views on America as a world power, thrusts his grumblies into that of Dennis Hopper’s Mr. Kaufman, the owner and operator of the oasis Fiddler’s Green, the type of tower that overlooks the Hellish zombified area of downtown Pittsburgh. While it’s always nice to see downtown presented accurately, especially the areas near Eide’s comic shop and Liberty Avenue, those who can’t afford the nice living away up high from the zombies have to be content living like the refugees they are (I see this as a metaphor for the PPC kids!). Unfortunately for everyone involved, the local ragtag group of foragers that include Simon Baker, Asia Argento (not the cheese) and John Leguizamo, have lead Big Daddy and his zombies (a good band name) right outside their own doors. The evil ones just so happen to be hungry for brains, meat and other spindly appendages. Within this unfortunate series of ‘burghian events, at least it’s always nice to know you can come home again, even if you’re a pile of rotting flesh.

The rated and unrated versions come back from the dead – with: The rated in fullscreen only. You’ll thank me for not going into more detail there. The unrated features audio commentary with George Romero, producer Peter Grumwald and editor Michael Doherty, 5 featurettes (Undead Again: The Making of Land of the Dead, A Day with the Living Dead, When Shaun met George, Bringing the Dead to Life and Scenes of Carnage), 2 features (Zombie Effects from Green Screen to Finished Scene and Bringing the storyboards to life), Scream Tests: Zombie Casting Call and some deleted scenes. Scream to the heavens as long as you like for this one.

Lebowski?Don’t piss on the man’s carpet, Larry, because he just got it. In fact, is this your homework young man? Is it? Look, man, you ever heard of Vietnam? ’cause you’re entering a world of pain with The Big Lebowski: Collector’s Edition (there’s also the Achiever’s Edition, see below), which comes bowling down the lanes (oh, how clever of me) on 10.18, yet another day of digital reckoning for almost everyone on the planet. From the Sam Elliot narration (he’s perfect) of the Dude’s immortal story, to the Nihilists that want to squoosh some wiggly male body parts, the Coen brothers continue their reign of making great characters that we all love to tomatoelaugh with, cry with and get blowjobs for one thousand dollars. Although, if you wanna watch, that’s gonna be an extra hundred. John Turturro’s Jesus Quintana steals most of the show for me at least, with his slicked back hair and purple people eater outfits, even if he is a fan of eight year olds, dude, he’s damned funny. So it just so happens that Lebowski is caught up in a game of mistaken identity and as he attempts to get everything settled, including his white Russian foam nose, that one of the Coen’s most zany movies emerges. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t even know why you’d be here, so get thee to a video store, an online retailer, or a local whorehouse stat (if you’re friends with Burt Reynolds in TX, please contact me ASAP). I think the hidden message in all of this, though, is FUCK YOU WALTER, leave me alone! All right?

It don’t matter to Jesus – because the Collector’s Edition comes with: an introduction by famed Mortimer Young, Jeff Bridge’s photography, a making-of featurette and some production notes. Rather skim, if you ask me. The Achiever’s Edition comes with everything you see above these words and four character coasters, eight exclusive photo cards and the moment we’ve all been waiting for: a collectable bowling towel. Don’t be fatuous, Jeffrey. And thanks to DVDAnswers.com for the CE artwork. They hate me, I’m sure.

The coming months see a lot of great titles exploding onto the market and making huge dents in our paychecks. The Coen Brother’s Collection, which includes the Big Lebowski mentioned earlier, gets detonated on 10.18, while SpongeBob SquarePants – The Complete Third Season mushrooms over the skies of silliness, zaniness and complete hilarity on 9.27. Finally, the awfully mediocre Bewitched, the film that marks a rather low point in several people’s careers (read Devin’s disaster of a film review) on 10.25 right in time to scare you off for everyone’s favorite holiday.

Hell yeahHell yes even moreaww man.

What ain’t no country I ever heard of!

Region Free DVDs, I hope, are becoming more commonplace for the consumer. More and more independent stores, it seems, unless you live in the fly-over states that decide elections, are opting to stock their shelves with a variety of titles geared towards the more knowledgeable consumer, like your bad self. It’s my dream to walk into a more mainstream store to see this taking over at least two tiny shelves in the back, then we’ll know something has exploded. Now only if they could take over the foreign section, which covers about seventeen already-watched titles at Hollywood Video, we’d be on target.

sexy peopleThe Russians have one upped us again, this time using their KGB powers of deduction and their incredible use of espionage tactics to pilfer one of the most entertaining films of the year – Mr. and Mrs. Smith – into their DVD stores a hell of a lot earlier than ours (November for us capitalists). In fact, it’s available right now, for anyone curious to check out Doug Liman’s rather bombastic film, one that somehow manages the great feat of having some of the most deliciously and devilishly handsome pair of characters to grace the screen together since Nimoy assembled the award winning cast of Three Men & A Little Baby. The intensely chiseled sexiness of both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie engorges worlds, ripping your eyeballs out of your sockets only to force feed them onto the screen. As you’re watching, powerless, weeping and defeated, director Liman, famed for his rather unorthodox retake methods, gives you a pleasantly entertaining story involving two hitpeople who are both assigned to take one another out. I’m sure you know where this one is going. Nick certainly did in his review, where he pretty much sums up the entire world’s afterthoughts: I felt ugly.

Who’s your Daddy now? – with: no special features and be keenly aware that when you are accessing the English language track, it has UNREMOVEABLE Russian subtitles that will quietly steal your identity. This is a Region 5 Russian PAL release.

As I mentioned last week, it’s always good to see how different things are for our overseas brethren, so this week brings the UK Covers of the varying films (especially in quality) of the Batman Franchise, all out defending Gotham on 10.24. Like those on our Message Boards (you can read the thread here), I think the UK editions are slightly better, simply because they’re keeping with a theme. Supplements, extras and general ado’s about nothing are all kept the same like the US editions. Keep in mind though, that you’ll need a PAL to NTSC converter.

Love that JokerMeow
Riddle me thisFreeze

Bustin’ down the digital door

Chances are you wouldn’t be checking this part out unless you were either late to the party and now are forced to drink the skunky beer or you missed out reading one of our fine DVD reviews. I’d like to think it’s the first part.

8/23: Oldboy (CHUD’s DVD review is forthcoming), The Ring Two, Layer Cake, The O.C. – The Complete Second
, Gladiator: Extended Edition, Truman Show: Special Edition,
Special Edition
, A Lot Like Love (Thor’s DVD Rack
), Swamp Thing, The Howling II, New
Jack City: Special Edition
(David’s DVD review), Transporter: Special Delivery Edition,
, Dust to Glory, Lackawanna Blues, Alf –
Season Two
(Adam’s DVD review), Once
and Again: Seasons One and Two
, Six Feet Under: Season Four, Boy
Meets World: Season Three
and Kung Fu: Complete Third Season. Read
last weeks’ insanely large Special
right here, while talking about how shitty I am.

8/16: Sin City, The Breakin’ Collection
(has Breakin’,
2: Electric Boogooloo
and Beat Street), Undeclared: Complete Series,
of Jack & Rose
, The Brown Bunny, The
Office (US) – Season One
, The Wedding Date, Astaire
& Rogers Collection
(read Wade’s Barkleys of Broadway DVD
, plus the DVD reviews of Shall We Dance,
while Follow the Fleet is
Coming Soon), Simpsons: Season Six, Dave Chappelle: For What It’s Worth,
Left Foot: SE
, Mambo Kings (Eileen’s DVD review), My Neighbors the Yamadas (Ian’s DVD review), Pom Poko (Ian’s DVD review) and Jamboree (Wade’s DVD Review).
Access one of the most hated Special
s from two weeks ago right here.

Has anyone been paying attention to the goddamned DVD Reviewing Factory CHUD has become these past couple of days? It’s been like three to four DVD reviews a day. You can’t get that sort of specialized attention anywhere else, as we’ve got most of these people locked up in Nick’s basement while Devin sarcastically beats them with his wordplay. As for Dave and George, they’re off looking at girls.

CHUD’s Blown Up DVD Reviews (discuss them too, bastards)
CHUD’s DVD Reviews

I’m a business, man…

Kick back and chill somewhere, ’cause a dynasty like these the deals I bring you lasts forever (or until someone fires me). Hopefully, week-to-week you’re finding something worth your while, as every day some new sale pops up to tell your money semen that it’s your only child. You might want tests.

Browse the multi-region DVD retailers and their sales right here! (click on the store name to get your wallet held up!)
xploitedcinema.com, HkFlix.com, diabolikdvd.com, DDDHouse and YesAsia.com

Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition is $16.28
Ong-Bak is $20.88
Sahara is $16.79
Fire & Ice is $22.39
Monster-in-Law is $19.86
Major Dundee: Extended Edition is $13.91
Nip/Tuck – Season Two is $41.87
Roseanne – Season One is $23.99
Pretty Woman: 15th Anniversary Edition is $13.80
Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition is $13.56
Clueless: Whatever! Edition is $13.56
Schultze Gets the Blues is $20.70
Lilo and Stitch 2 is $21.59
Corvette Summer is $9.00
Gumball Rally is $9.00
Wise Guys is $9.00
Hero at Large is $9.00
Almost Heroes is $9.00
Shaolin Soccer is $9.36
New Jack City: SE is $16.14

Sahara is $14.99
Monster-in-Law is $14.99

Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition is $15.98
Ong-Bak is $19.88
Sahara is $15.87
Monster-in-Law is $19.88
Nip/Tuck – Season Two is $40.88
House – Season One is $41.88
Roseanne – Season One is $26.88
Pretty Woman: 15th Anniversary Edition is $16.99
Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition is $14.85
Clueless: Whatever! Edition is $14.85
Schultze Gets the Blues is $19.88
Lilo and Stitch 2 is $19.88
Corvette Summer is $11.12
Gumball Rally is $11.12
Wise Guys is $11.12
Hero at Large is $11.12
Almost Heroes is $11.12

Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition is $14.99
Ong-Bak is $19.59
Sahara is $15.98
Fire & Ice is $24.47
Monster-in-Law is $16.99
Nip/Tuck – Season Two is $39.99
House – Season One is $39.99
Roseanne – Season One is $26.99
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season Four is $29.99
Pretty Woman: 15th Anniversary Edition is $13.99
Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition is $12.99
Schultze Gets the Blues is $20.99
Lilo and Stitch 2 is $20.99
‘Stak Attack is $10.47
Gumball Rally is $11.23
Wise Guys is $11.23
Quick Change is $11.23
Hero at Large is $11.23
Almost Heroes is $11.23

Circuit City:
Blues Brothers: 25th Anniversary Edition is $13.99
Ong-Bak is $19.99
Sahara is $14.99
Fire & Ice is $24.99
Monster-in-Law is $14.99
Major Dundee: Extended Edition is $15.99
Nip/Tuck – Season Two is $39.99
House – Season One is $59.99
Roseanne – Season One is $24.99
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season Four is $27.99
Pretty Woman: 15th Anniversary Edition is $17.99