vdsFormer Secretary of the Navy (under Ronald Reagan) James Webb seems to have just caught Tank on TBS and has come up with a new movie loosely based on it. Called Whiskey River, the film will be about a young man who fights in Iraq and is wounded and sent home. As he is recuperating, the Army decides to send him back to the shit, and his father decides that the only way to keep his son alive is to kidnap him.

This won’t be Webb’s first film. He wrote the story for Rules of Engagement, and he has six novels under his belt. What’s really notable about this story, though, is the sheer level of anti-authority sentiment that you can feel just from the synopsis. This is the kind of movie you expect from a lily-livered Hollywood liberal, not a man who defended a US Marine against Vietnam War-era war crime charges – and won three years after the man killed himself.

But don’t worry, it isn’t like this will be a John Milius film (now that would flip your lid) – Rob Reiner is directing, and who doesn’t think that his speechifying as Meathead wasn’t at least somewhat close to his own beliefs?

Looks like the right-wing punditocracy was right – Cindy Sheehan is going to ruin this country! Surely this can all be blamed on her.

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