564I guess the good news is that Stephen Sommers is off the remake of When Worlds Collide, a film about another planet invading Earth’s personal space. I say I guess because I didn’t care about the project anyway, so having him on it meant that he wasn’t going to be wrecking something I was excited about, like Flash Gordon.

That other big Steve, Spielberg, is taking over production reins on the remake, but there’s no word on whether he’ll direct it after he finishes Munich. I fully expect it to be announced that he will, and then for it to be announced that he is directed eight other films.

Sommers, meanwhile, will be moving on to A Night at the Museum. When I first heard that I got nervous – was this some kind of modern day Marx Brothers project? There had been rumblings… But it turns out that it’s just the next piece of shit payday for former The State guys Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, who also wrote The Pacifier. In this film a night watchmen sets off some mojo that brings all the dead animals in a museum back to life. This should be like Jumanji, only much less sophisticated.

Sommers is still developing Flash Gordon, by the way – as well as a Shazam! movie, which will sadly not be the life story of Gomer Pyle.

Hope the bare breasted neanderthal bitches come back on our message board!