March 7

Media: Red Riding Hood. Source Code.

Music: Listened to mixes of the stuff we recorded over the weekend. My drums are almost getting pretty interesting.

Comedy: A little Redd Foxx.

Food/Drink: Chinese food. A theater hot dog. I had no choice! No booze. Plenty of coffee.

Family: Virtually none.

Friends: Was good to see Matt Goldberg and Russ Fischer at the theater. Also, Dena Horner. Such a great lady.

Work: Plenty.

Art: One day I’ll run this penis-heavy art jam.

Goodies: At midnight I gathered my MLB: The Show 11 and MLB 2K11. I haven’t even broken the shrink wrap on the latter because I know it’ll be horrible but still am compelled to play baseball games. Sean Fahey’s comic came in the mail. Looks pretty solid.

Screenwriting: I read someone else’s script. One that may win some awards if it gets made.

Projects: I need money to spend a month in LA and shit will go nuts.

Minutia: Arranged a Krav Maga class. Might be fun.

Activity: Went to the club. Did machines. Endurance wasn’t great.

Ailments: Not an ailment per se, but my friggin’ hair is so infuriating. If I forget for a day not to do maintenance I feel like Piltdown Man.

Shrink’s Chair: I have no idea how someone cannot shower first thing in the morning.  I actually cannot understand how people can’t do that. Or let their kids walk around with that horrible matted bedhead. Fucking gross.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Studio executives who let Twilight influence how they make other films.

True Trivia: I rattled a Border’s bookstore (which is now going out of business) cafe section with a sneeze last year. I sneeze loud, but only because I find that if I stifle it I hurt myself. Problem is, when I sneeze I say “RAPE!”, which in retrospect is a tad of a touchy word.

Link of the Day: MLB Network. My favorite channel ever.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Another screening.

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