March 6

Media: Atlanta Braves spring training.

Music: Nope.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink: Bagels in the morning. A pizza pie for the family in the eve. No booze. Lots of coffee.

Family: Rocco was really sick in the night and Andrew and Andrea crashed at the house after the insane shenanigans of the night before so Mom stayed home from work, and a VERY early morning with the little gentleman happened. He was a lot better as the day progressed and later his Mom arrived from Charleston and the girl was retrieved from the in-laws and we relaxed as a unit. Much needed.

Friends: Andrea and Andrew hung and played cards as we healed from the night before.

Work: Once I was human again, I was back at it.

Art: Dot. Dot. Dot.

Goodies: No sir.

Screenwriting: Ahem.

Projects: The script Cosby sent for our TV pilot… DEE-LISH!

Minutia: I’m glad I have music as an outlet that I enjoy and have great collaborations on, because some of the stuff I have to deal with in regards to it is downright irritating.

Activity: Limping with purpose. Cleaning the whole house.

Ailments: Wasn’t hung over or anything (no wine!), but the hours really took their toll on me.

Shrink’s Chair: My daughter has grown up. It’s insane. She’s a little lady now, with crazy astute opinions and a wonderful blend of child-like fancy (she’s making blueprints of a house we all live in that’s connect to Sea World and the Ocean) and real intelligence. In that context I’m keeping an eye on my son. He has a great bar to strive for and I ain’t letting him coast.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Whatever entity made a one and a half year old suddenly puke his guts out all night.

True Trivia: My current dream reality would be to have a yacht docked at Atlantis Resort and write from there on my deck sipping coffee and having a cigar, then gambling, then tooling about in the sea. And then repeating until I was ravaged and frail.

Link of the Day: The Harley-Davidson Iron 883. I want this, even though it’d be the assured death of me.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Two screenings.

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