Kim Coates is a special man.

His work in film, stage, and screen is always fun and sometimes transcendent. I only partially joking. The guy’s one of my favorite heavies and character actors and it’s nice to see him getting much-deserved recognition on Sons of Anarchy. Plus, he’s part of one of my proudest CHUD Show jokes.

Q: You know who really enjoys Kim Dickens?
A: Mrs. Coates.

You’re welcome.

There’s a new channel hitting the world this March, the Action on Film Channel. News hit today that Kim Coates is one of their celebrity hosts. That’s fantastic, though I can only imagine that the show might take time to seep into our schedules [it’s late night NBC programming] it’s nice to see folks like Coates getting a little love. It’s going to be fun and most definitely not some machine to fuel the major action people who typically bore us to tears.

For example: Kim’s first guest is actor Nick Mancuso. He’s a drafty veteran of tons of films who was briefly a leading man in the late 70’s and early 80’s (Nightwing!).

Our B-Movie boys are going to be in heaven.