March 5

Media: No.

Music: Had the ‘Deck Jams’ playlist going during darts. Listened to stuff in John’s car on the way to Prohibition and back.

Comedy: No, but there’s was plenty of quotable shit happening at the bar.

Food/Drink: A little Marlow’s Tavern for lunch. Tapas at Prohibition for dinner. Drinking all day. An incredible amount, from around 12pm when Steve arrived until 1am when we left Prohibition. But it was spaced out well, so it’s not like any potential mishaps were a concern.

Family: The smallest gentleman and mom were around the whole time. Poor little dude got really sick right after we all went out at night.

Friends: Steve and John in the early part of the day for music (Lucky Nightsticks), darts, & Halo (I rocked The Opening while John was Fagotron and Steve was Salty _______). Andrew Hawkins visited from Destin. Andrea and Renn joined. Darts, together time, and a fun impromptu song recording (Hawkins on guitar, John on drums, and me on keys) happened. We then went to Prohibition for an epic night of smoke and drink.

Work: Fuck no.

Art: Oh yeah… the Art Jam. I’ll get to it. No one’s all that interested are they?

Goodies: Nope, though my review copy of Treme arrived!

Screenwriting: Ahem.

Projects: Ahem II: The Teenage Years.

Minutia: I want to have a different person come record with us each week. Just a revolving door of greats.

Activity: Nope.

Ailments: The car ride back from Prohibition hurt my feelings. Loud. Long day with no rest. Lots of drinking. Warm. I popped the window open and let the cold air heal me as I tried to nap.

Shrink’s Chair: Bob the bartender has a good approach. He asks the customer what they want and if it’s some bullshit he says “here’s what I’ll make you” and he blows them away with a delight. I may have to adopt that and apply it to everything in my life.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The fucking idiots with the Mardis Gras gear on trying to pass themselves off as human beings in a bar that doesn’t fucking serve Jagermeister.

True Trivia: I don’t like The Who.

Link of the Day: The iPad Keynote. Pretty neat, but I am actually going to wait to get mine.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: The family is reunited. Prep for the big week.

The Day’s Rating:


Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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