March 4

Media: None.

Music: None.

Comedy: None.

Food/Drink: Had some Einstein Bros. bagel action. Ate at Rosa Mia with John Makarewicz for dinner. A local Italian hole in the wall that’s gotten a lot of love. Solid Veal Piccata. Good antipasto. Sangria was had.

Family: Catherine was out of town, Sofia was at school and then off to a weekend with her Grandparents. I took Rocco to his day care super early and it’s a good thing I wasn’t watching him because I was absolutely useless from the night before. Useless. Picked the gentleman up and we hung out with Mom.

Friends: Mr. John Makarewicz came over and made some music with me for our new side project thing. Darts. Hookah. Relaxing.

Work: I tried, I really did. But I hit a wall that still is sorta obscuring my focus.

Art: Oh yeah… the Art Jam. I’ll eventually put it up. A lot of penises.

Goodies: No.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: I had some conference calls that were sort of decent. I have my work cut for me with some of it. I got the script for the pilot of the amazing television show I’ve been working on with Andy Cosby and Lloyd Levin for a long time on!

Minutia: I guess this is where I’d put something if my mind wasn’t so shitty.

Activity: The two nights of softball took their toll on my out of practice life husk.

Ailments: Soreness. Headaches.

Shrink’s Chair: It’s not the mileage. It’s the years.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The US Postal Service. The mail service has one of my checks in limbo. For over a week now. It goes both ways.

True Trivia: I’ll be standing in line at midnight tomorrow night for MLB The Show 11. So excited.

Link of the Day: Sushi Burger. Ate these in Melbourne during DBAOTD, So good!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Shenanigans!

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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