Y’know, I still can’t decide what to think of the Doom movie, which from what I can tell just looks like really, really high-resolution levels from the last game.  On the plus side, it’s got The Rock™ and Karl Urban shooting ludicrous amounts of ordnance at various monsters.  But it’s also directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, who helped Jet Li want to return to China after making him look a little foolish in Cradle 2 the Grave and Romeo Must Die.

Still, it could be a relatively amusing 90 minutes of creepy hall-crawling and pure mindless carnage, which is pretty much all the game ever aspired to.  I’m betting/hoping that much-balleyhooed “first-person” sequence will cause some major motion sickness in the same delicate sissies who got queasy from the jitters and sways of Blair Witch Project (instead of just because the movie was junk).  I dunno about the yappy guns announcing everyone’s call-signs though, which seems pretty goofy to me.  Although we should be glad it’s not their online gaming tags, or we’d hear weaponry introducing [iGΩ]Deth-Pimp or ViolentMarvOwnsYerA$$!*!*!.