casCrash. Magnolia. Short Cuts. A sampling of the movies that are about how the lives of strangers in LA intertwine. Now that genre will be reaching its pinnacle as Emilio Estevez writes and directs – stop rubbing your eyes, I said Emilio writes and directs – a movie about how the lives of LA strangers intertwine… the night RFK dies! What a spin on the concept!

Of course if you’re in the know like me, you realize that Emilio is an accomplished writer and director. Why just look at his film Wisdom. Or don’t, if you care about yourself. Although maybe you should look at the poster of this Badlands-on-skim-milk (take that, dad! Not only will he not take your professional name, he’ll water down one of your greatest films!), since Demi Moore, who played John Wisdom’s girlfriend in that movie will be starring in Bobby, this latest Estevezathon.

Anthony Hopkins will also star, and produce. Will he be Nixon again? I doubt it, since the film takes place at the Ambassador Hotel, where RFK was shot by double named hypnotized assassin Sirhan Sirhan. Unless Emilio’s bold statement has Nixon in house at the time.