March 3

Media: Herafter.

Music: Listened to tunes while I made a few CD’s for Pat’s journey to South Florida. A little Mastersounds, Budos, Zero 7, Medeski, El Michels, and Lucky Nightsticks!

Comedy: Not per se… but retard strength and horrible offensive drink toasts bordered on high comedy.

Food/Drink: Rocco and I met Pat and his son Kyle at The Flying Biscuit for brunch. Ate like gentlemen. Had a Sledgehammer (4 espresso shots with foam). Drank a lot of water. Had two cans of tuna. Hummus and grilled pork tapas at Prohibition. And MANY drinks. I can remember 2 Brambles, three shots of rum, absinthe drip, vodka cranberry, and a few other things Bob presented. It’s a fucking miracle I didn’t have a massive headache. Only with wine…

Family: The little man and at 2:3o the little lady. By the time Mom arrived I was tapped out.

Friends: The brunch gathering. Saw an old lady friend at the Forum while I walked with Rocco. Saw the office mates for a stretch. Played softball with my new/old team The Punishers (formerly Shake n’ Bake). Met with Dave and Pat at Prohibition where my favorite bartenter took super care of us.

Work: When able, I was on it. In the home stretch of GUY. Josh and Brad are rocking it.

Art: Oh yeah… the Art Jam.

Goodies: A book on the Hall of Fame. A novel that looks intense.

Screenwriting: Sort of. I will be back on the short film REAL SOON.

Projects: Come on investor… check your email!

Minutia: I got horribly sidetracked looking at research video for a GUY article.

Activity: Lugging the little man around. Softball game with the young pups. Lot of talent, not so much discipline. I went from hitting #2 and doing it well for a focused and very competitive team to batting #11 for one that isn’t. Odd. I went 3-3 with 5 RBI and was a double short of the cycle. For those keeping track, I am 7-8 for 2011 so far.

Ailments: Feet. Banged up.

Shrink’s Chair: By shunning a few Twitter and Facebook folks and deleting a few bookmarks I decreased stress exponentially.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The girl at the bar who looked like Kristen Bell who was simply too stiff to have fun.

True Trivia: I think Sucker Punch looks like the biggest piece of shit.

Link of the Day: Armageddon. This is a fucking email list to let you know when the end is upon us. WARNING: It’s part of a dumb religious network of site. But still…. funny!

Looking ahead to tomorrow: I don’t care!

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