UPDATED! The trailer linked here has been pulled. Look for it to resurface again soon, and we’ll resurrect this piece at that time.

fre3I declare 2005 to be the year of Heath Ledger. He was fantastic in Lords of Dogtown. He’s completely different and great in the (admittedly not that good) The Brothers Grimm. And he’s got two more films coming – one of which is completely ballsy.

No pun intended.

In Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain, he plays a gay cowboy. A gay cowboy! The trailer is now available, thanks to CNN, which you can see by clicking here. Now, I am not the most impressed with this trailer, but it’s not because I think this looks like a bad film – it just seems like a trailer that has been poorly put together. I feel like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ledger together with a Hulk-free Lee makes for an interesting film, but maybe not something you can capture in 2 minutes of quick edits.

He’s also got Casanova coming, which is probably more mainstream than cow/butt-pokes, but which rounds out his roles for the year – it will be his first bona fide “hot dude” role for 2005.

In the meantime, I bet there is a Bareback Mountain in production right now.