If you’ve kept up at all with James Gunn’s Super then the trailer will tease a movie that looks right along the lines you’re expecting- a lower-budget, more genuinely realistic seeming version of Kick Ass, with hints at a much more demented sense of humor. If Slither is any indication, that last part will be particularly important. The set-up is simple, Rainn Wilson’s wife leaves him for a cooler Kevin Bacon, and he goes semi-nuts in the form of The Crimson Bolt, crime fighter. He’s joined by Boltie, a sidekick played by Ellen Page.


What’s great is that Ellen Page seems like the perfect actress to bring in that will allow for some wonderfully uncomfortable jokes that kick the line of appropriateness right in its asshole. Her performance as Libby should allow for some wonderful female psychopathy the delivers on a whole different level from Hit Girl.

What the trailer –all wrapped in its quirky independent package– only seems to hint at though, is what is probably some pretty fucked up violence. Gunn is an unapologetic devotee of splatter, and I understand that the mayhem is plentiful in Super.

The film plays at SXSW and you can bet we’ll be letting you know exactly how super, Super really is.

(via Yahoo!)

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