While I’m completely and totally behind the love and enthusiasm for How To Train Your Dragon, I always questioned the praise for Kung Fu Panda. I don’t think I’m picking at strawmen when I saw it was surprisingly well received even among harder-to-please film geeks. Perhaps it was the result of the studio churning out trite nonsense that couldn’t be seen as anything other than garbage when compared to their lead competitor for so long. After such a consistent slate of holyshitno, perhaps anything with a pulse would have gotten a similar pass, even in the face of thin plot/characters and excessive fat and fart jokes.

Well now that the studio has released a certifiably great film, can the Kung Fu Panda sequel pull the same trick against raised standards? Who knows, maybe the same streak of care, detail. and heart that makes Dragon such a fine experience found its way into Jack Black’s latest turn as Po the Panda.

Or perhaps not. They’ve stepped up some of the visuals though- no doubt, KFP2 (holy shit, how has THAT tie-in not happened?!) looks like it has some pretty imagery.

I have no doubt many of you will be dragged to see this regardless, but if you’re not a casual Dreamworks fan, this won’t doesn’t look like it will turn you.

Here’s the poster (complete with Dreamwork Smirk!), and the trailer happens in HD at Apple as well.

(via Collider)

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