As a monstrous fan of Queen, I’ve had much to hang my head about over the past few years.  Paul Rodgers?  Yeah.  Guys, George Michael and Justin Hawkins were available, and you hit the road – as QUEEN – with a guy who has nowhere near the range of my beloved Farrokh.

But this? This is just awful.

Awhile back, our trusty Rennwick Brown ran a bit about the musical content of Zack Snyder’s feature-length cutscene Sucker Punch. And while I was thrilled to discover that the reunited Skunk Anansie was involved, the info – like the visuals – left me cold.

Here now, thanks the the Official Queen Facebook Page, we have our first taste of that musical content – specifically the fourth song on the track list (from and It’s a “mash-up”/remix of two classic Queen songs, and it makes me wonder how broke the remaining dudes have to be to let this fly (in fairness, it could be the doing of Hollywood Records – an entity I can’t belive still exists).

I understand loaning music out to advertisers, or allowing samples – and I know that Queen isn’t a band that anyone could accuse of “selling out” (since there was never a time they weren’t about shipping units and cashing checks and mad parties on Scarface Mountain) – but why let someone just shit on the tracks? This sounds like Fred Durst should be whining over it. In 1998.

Gregg Gillis is available, guys. You wanted to sample/remix/mash some shit, you could have given him a call.

At any rate – here you go:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go bathe in the Judgement Night soundtrack like I’m Ra’s Al Fucking Ghul.