The fuckin’ things are over and it’s a new year of (hopefully) great shit to come, but we’re going into a weekend so let’s have some fun with the leftovers. I crammed a ton of cool stuff into this, so I won’t waster your time with a big intro. Do check out the Chewer choices, and the OSCAR speech word chart I made below for sure though.


What SHOULD have won, according to you Chewers, as voiced on the Message Boards:

(disagreements in green)

1. Best Picture: Black Swan

Social Network was right on its heels with 27% of the vote to Swan’s 29%, but the Aronofsky’s operatic opus cinched it.

2. Actor: Colin Firth

3. Actress: Natalie Portman

4. Supporting Actor: Christian Bale

5. Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld

Steinfeld won our poll with a whopping 62% of the vote. Clearly the little girl has made a big impression on all us creepy geeks

6. Directing: Darren Aronfosky

Yet again The Social Network just barely trailed behind (35% vs 39%), but the boards really showed their favor for ballet body horror this year.

7. Foreign Language Film: Dogtooth

Winning handily with 55% of the vote, this could be attributed to Dogtooth showing up on Netflix Instant and being more available to the public, but I think it’s more likely that it’s just a damned interesting film (or so a gentleman has heard…).

8. Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin

9. Original Screenplay: Inception

73% of the vote! Inception also showed very strongly on our polls. Nolan’s mind-bending blockbuster is definitely going to go down as a chewer favorite, and is likely to be more memorable than most of the prestige films that won awards. Originality and scale combined for something very special this year.

10. Animated Feature Film: Toy Story 3

11. Art Direction: Inception

Here begins Inception’s real sweep of the tech awards, so chosen by the Sewer.

12. Cinematography: Roger Deakins

Had it been the sewer’s to decide, it would have finally been the year that Deakins got his due. Nine times would have been the charm. That said, I think Deakins will be get the recognition he deserves sooner rather than later, though the Academy has likely lost its chance to award him for a movie shot on film.

13. Sound Mixing: Inception

14. Sound Editing: Inception

15. Original Score: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Zimmer nearly cinched it for Inception (37% to Reznor’s 41%), but the sewer’s been undeniably filled with the sounds of eery distortion and melancholy piano plucking lately (when it’s not drowned out by the occasional booming tritone horn blast).

16. Original Song: We Belong Together

17. Costume Design: True Grit/King’s Speech

Our first tie, and the category that the Chewers nearly threw The King’s Speech a bone. Couldn’t quite beat out the dusty digs of Cogburn and company, so a draw it was.

18. Documentary Feature: Exit Through The Gift Shop

Banksy handily won this category, and it’s no surprise- the boards have been abuzz with talk of the street art doc for months.

19. Film Editing: The Social Network

20. Makeup: The Wolfman

(I left out the short categories on purpose, but completely forgot to add the VFX poll. I think we can probably guess that there wouldn’t have been a disagreement in that particular category.)


The Sewer Winners:

We asked you to cast your predictions here and a number of brave individuals did so, here are the results…



( # missed in paranthesis)

Cinema Goddess (4)
HarleyQuinn (5)
Renn (5)
Zollicoffer (5)
Walking Disaster (5)
RCA (7)
Scooshnew (7)
Justin Clark (8)
TaylorF (9)
Bailey (9)
Nicholas Reed (9)
Darragh (9)
KungFuCornelious (9)
Park Chan-wookie (10)
Tati (10)
imfinished (11)
Pompoussour Estoppel (11)
Arjen Rudd (14)
Anderson (14)

Of course good ole Patrick Ripoll went for the 0-score choices, and managed to miss all but 3 of the categories.

CinemaGoddess and Patrick will both find themselves being sent amazing shit from the CHUD office in the mail. Hopefully they’ll share some pictures with us of opening the delights.


The CHUD Count

If you followed our Oscar primer you would have landed right in the middle, as the CHUD Staff/Industry averaged predictions ended up with 17 correct out of 24 awards. Most of the missed categories were in the hard-to-predict short awards, as well as the ones The King’s Speech were expected to sweep up. Fortunately, in many of the categories we missed, it was because something great like The Social Network was unexpectedly winning!


The CHUD Academy Award Acceptance Speech Word Graph

I’ve seen this done with other awards shows before, so I when I ran across the page for the official Academy acceptance speech transcripts I couldn’t resist. The monolith among words is of course “thanks,” but it’s fun to see some of the other words that cropped up and how many times the were mentioned in relation to each other. I had a few minutes of dumb fun treating it like a word-search and digging out names like “Nolan” and “Fincher” and pairing them with their first names.

Here’s a couple words to search for:

GOD (not as big as you’d think)
DICK (Not as big as you’d think)

Click for THANK-sized image.



Other Infographics

Infographics. Love ’em. Here’s a collection of some of the cool ones floating around the web this week, after the ceremony. You can click to make them all larger.

Social Media Chatter (via Wired)

Animated History of the OSCARS (via /Film)

Tweet OSCAR Happenings (via TechClump)

Speech Length Graphic (via MindPollution)


Great. Hope you enjoyed. Now let’s see and discuss some new fucking movies.


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